Eco Friendly

We see the future of the world using reusable energy resources. And we believe that this should be EFT’s main concern for responding to 21st century’s demands. This is not only a view but also our efforts to make a future based engineering product line to speed up this process. Our vision is to bring back the world to a position in which we have the least environmental impacts on our ecosphere.  


Customer Oriented

Considering our customers' requirements is a core aspect in our designs. EFT products are designed to meet customers ' requirements in such a way to have best possible aspects with the least amount setup time and down time. Our engineering design team maintains a constant relationship with the customers to constantly improve the products to improve the usability, reliability and to make it perfect.

From manufacturing to deliver and marketing to service  the customer is given the highest priority their time is very important to us, we are making the best possible ways to minimise the time delay at every stage. We support our products and systems all through the service life giving it the maximum usability of the product. We consider every aspect of the customers voice by not only giving them the best products but also custom designed products for particular customers.

Worldwide Solution

We offer eco friendly solutions around the globe. EFT has a strong team of experts and designers who are ready to help you to take your project from inception to completion. We pass on our knowledge gained through work experience  through our products and system.


Powerful Designs

EFT provides powerful yet simple to use products and systems for either your every day use or industrial solutions. We understand your need to have a reliable, efficient yet cost effective system, keeping this in mind right from our inception we dedicate our resource to provide solutions tailored to your specific need. You will find much time has been spent in designing and optimising the products.